DOT Exam Websites

Our quick and convenient physical exam helps commercial drivers fulfill regulatory requirements of The Department of Transportation (DOT) The Department of Public Safety (DPS) .

All commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, hoisting and hydraulic licenses are required to have a Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Examination every two years.

Our DOT Exam Websites

Dr Scotadam Chernov and his company own, operate and rent over 350 individual top city & state DOT exam websites in United States. Most of our websites are the first to come up under ads on most search engines: Bing, Yahoo, Firefox, and soon Google. We own, operate and rent 42 of the 50 States and we rent over 300 of the top populated cities in United States. Our DOT exam websites has only a single doctor or clinic per website or a single doctor or clinic per website per State on our Dot exam websites. Our doctors or clinics will not be competing with other doctors within their state on the same single website to ensure that all the web traffic business will come directly to the doctor. Our DOT exam websites contain all the information needed to support the doctor and the driver. Our DOT exam websites are four pages: 1:home page contains basic information, doctors information; 2: exam page basic what to expect during exam what the driver should bring and expect during the exam; 3:Forms page contains all the forms needed to do the exam and associated forms such as waivers exemption forms interstate forms skilled performance forms; 4: links page has all the needed links for CDL self certification download forms contacts for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and National Registry also the interstate medical waiver application. All of our DOT exam websites are all .com To see a list of our DOT exam websites click on websites list. Our DOT exam websites rental contracts are for a year, and has automatic renewal. To sign up or get a contract click on links and download contract or you can contact Dr Scotadam Chernov at: .


Dr. Scotadam J. Chernov graduated in 1995. He is fully licensed and registered with DOT Board of Certified Examiners. Dr. Chernov has had his office since 1996 with thousands of loyal and happy patients.